Great to work with!

My husband and I had the good fortune to meet Kerri at an open house we popped into while on vacation in Palm Springs. When we later decided to look for a house in the desert, I called Kerri and from there it was great.

She was always available to answer all my questions – and there were quite a few as we were doing this from the Pacific Northwest. Kerri coordinated a very full day of house hunting for my next visit. She was wonderful, never pushy, always patient but ready to go- and go. We were very productive and had fun.

The experience was also great after we bought our house. Among many things she even ran out to the house to water the lawn when there was a glitch with the sprinkler system timer.

Kerri is great to work with, she is fun and an overall lovely person. I would whole heartedly recommend her for anyone home shopping in the desert.